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irc#scheme IRC channel - webchat
log#scheme IRC channel - log
wpScheme article on English Wikipedia
awesomeAwesome Scheme - most popular version
rosettaRosetta Code - Scheme category
primerA Scheme Primer


4R4RS document - most useful version
5R5RS document - most useful version
6R6RS document - most useful version
6libR6RS Libaries document - most useful version
6appR6RS Non-Normative Appendices document - most useful version
6rationaleR6RS Rationale document - most useful version
7smallR7RS Small Edition document - most useful version


workshopScheme Workshop - nearest edition
icfpInternational Conference on Functional Programming - nearest edition


originThe Original 'Lambda Papers' by Steele and Sussman
sicpStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
mtaBaker's 'Cheney on the MTA' paper
tsplBook 'The Scheme Programming Language' - latest edition
eccentricJRM's Syntax-rules Primer for the Merely Eccentric
sxmlSXML specification (XML as S-expressions)


csugChez Scheme - User's Guide - latest version
7chickenChicken - status of R7RS support
eggsChicken - egg index - latest version
mahlzeitChicken - greeting explained

Libraries and applications

akkuAkku package listing
snowSnow package listing
spheresScheme Spheres library suite - most usable fork
wakwak library suite - most usable fork

Ongoing standardization

6repoR6RS version control repository - most useful
7repoR7RS version control repository - most useful
largeR7RS Large Edition - where the action is
docketsR7RS Large Edition - color and other dockets
walrusWhat we need to implement an R7RS runtime over R6RS
srfi-discussMailing list archive
twinjotypesASN.1 Lisp Encoding Rules
xrefScheme Cross Reference wiki at practical-scheme.net

Neighboring languages

c99ANSI/ISO C99 standard PDF document - closest version readable for free
clhsCommon Lisp HyperSpec - latest version
islispISLisp standard - latest version readable free of charge
javaJava SE foundational API - latest version

Other standards

posixPOSIX - alphabetic index, latest edition

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